October 16, 2014

Istanbul Fashion Week Opens With Ottoman Flair

Istanbul Fashion Week, abuzz with Turkey’s forefront designers and fashion icons, opened Monday with a salute to the country’s rich past.

Menswear designer Hatice Gokce kicked off the week with her runway collection inspired by the great Ottoman adventurer Evliya Celebi.

Known for colorful narratives documenting his journeys through the Ottoman Empire and abroad, Celebi’s legacy made it to the catwalk Monday -- more than 400 years later.

“I’m inspired by him,” Gokce told The WorldPost after her show. “The fact that he had that passion for traveling really excited me. I believe in our world, everyone is a bit of a traveler.”

With hues of silver, brown, and black, coupled with metallic and leather pieces -- hints of craftsmanship from the Ottoman era -- every outfit had a distinct Ottoman flair. Many of the models had full beards and wore harem pants.

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