September 20, 2014


Gastroclub studied the average cost of a meal served in restaurants appealing to low and high-income groups in 30 tourist cities in Europe. The study revealed that Copenhagen is the most expensive city where the high-income group dine. According to the study, a person pays approximately 87.18 euros (TL 243.80; $112.92) to eat a luxury meal in Copenhagen. The cheapest city is the Bulgarian capital Sofia at 20.40 euros, while Turkey follows Sofia at 21.54 euros. The average cost of a luxury meal in Europe is 44.93 euros.

Speaking to an Anadolu Agency (AA) reporter, Gastroclub founding partner Çaglar Karatas gave insights into their study. He noted that the study took low and high-income restaurants into account and that the cost of alcohol was not included.

Istanbul is one of the cheapest cities in Europe both for low and high-income groups. He said that in Istanbul, tourists can have a "fine dining" experience for half the price that they would pay in Europe. "I want to make it clear that "cheap" is a relative term," said Karatas, adding, "Although dining in cities such as Sofia, Istanbul and Prague is not as pricey as other European cities, it is not cheap for their locals since their level of income is lower than their counterparts in other parts of Europe." He added that Istanbul is becoming a "Gastro City."

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