September 03, 2014

Experience Istanbul: Unique and Alternative Things to Do in the City

The approach and behaviour of travellers is rapidly changing. Now, we are looking for unique and local experiences. When we travel abroad, we want to be a part of the local daily life and start searching for things to do... In this post, we will inspire you with your Istanbul itinerary. 

Below you can find some of our all time favourite things to do in Istanbul:

Watch the sunset from Üsküdar  (Leanders Tower)

You can watch the best sunset at Üsküdar area. Located right by the shores of Bosphorus, Üsküdar has the most beautiful sunset view in the city.

Eat fish and bread at Karaköy

This is 100% local and a delicious experience. Located right next to Karaköy fish market, there are number of bargain fish restaurants. You can choose your ingreditents for your fish (bonito) and bread. They grill the fish on real coal fire. You can also grab an ice cold Turkish beer. Balıkçı Emin Usta is highly recommended. Read more about Emin Usta on Foursquare

Have breakfast at Rumeli Hisarı

Breakfast is very important in Turkish culture. Number of different Turkish cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, chorizo (sucuk), salami, simit bread, honey and of course clotted cream. There are plenty of places specialist in breakfast. Due to its unique location by the water Rumeli Hisari is among the most prefered places by the locals. Café Nar or  Kale Café are highly recommended.

Listen to street musicians at İstiklal Avenue

İstiklal Avenue is the longest pedestrian street of Istanbul. Starting from Taksim Square to the famous Galata Tower, this vibrant avenue is full of surprises. Starting from 4pm till midnight Istiklal Avenue becomes concert hall for street musicians. From swing to Turkish folk, Russian to Indian different genres of music are available here. You can reward yourself with a nice afternoon cocktail at 360 Istiklal or Georges Hotel Galata.

If you are interested in learning more about the local things to watch out for on this vibrant Istanbul street, visit Istanbul Tour Studio:

Have a private Bosphorus cruise

No need to describe how beatufiul and glamorous Bosphorus is. A private yacht cruise along the Bosphorus strait is amogn the essentials. Prepare your camera and get ready to discover the unparalleled atmosphere of Bosphorus Strait. Most of the tours last approximately two hours. 

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