August 06, 2014


With well over 2,000 years of military history to cover, it's no surprise that the Istanbul Military Museum has an enviable amount of exhibits. With the exhibition beginning back in the days of the Turkish people of the Asian steppe, the museum takes you through the years of armies taking on the Great Wall of China, all the way up to the Independence War, and everything in-between. No wonder there are over 55,000 objects in their inventory. 

The huge cannons, including the behemoth that smashed the walls of Constantinople back in 1453, and an intimidating warplane set the tone for military grandeur when you work in through the garden in the Harbiye district of Şişli. 

When one thinks of the military museum, they presume Ottoman history and independence, but the curators are quick to assure you that there is plenty more to Turkish history. 

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