February 01, 2014

Istanbul’s Kebab Shops Face New Rival

Kebab shops once shaped Istanbul’s dining-out culture, but they are now facing a formidable new rival on their own turf - steak houses.

By focusing on the quality of meat and innovative ways to serve it, steak houses have built a reputation for pleasing both eyes and taste buds - but not wallets.

“The future for kebab and doner shops is not very bright," Ramazan Bingol, the owner of Ramazan Bingol restaurants, told the Anadolu Agency.

"Steak culture is crushing the kebab right now.”

Bingol likened the challenge posed to the arrival of hamburgers and fast food culture into Turkey in the 1980s.

“The hamburger has (now) beaten our traditional food, such as pitta bread and lahmacun,” he said.

(IstanbuliteMag completely disagrees with the statements made in this article)

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