January 14, 2014

Istanbul Civilizations by Muammer Ketenci @ Pera Palace

Istanbul Civilizations' Fashion Show by Muammer Ketenci was staged on Friday the 10th of January in Pera Palace Jumeirah located in the uptown district of Pera in Istanbul. 

"The intolerance for different religions across the world and the disrespectful manners of some people towards those believing in another religion gave us the idea of organizing this fashion show," said Savaş Uğurlu - the producer and the organization of the event. 

"Ketenci's design aims to stress that people of different religion can live together peacefully regardless of their believes and lifestyles." 

The fashion show included 61 dresses, 20 of which represented Islamic colors and patterns while the rest of the 40 (20/20) were decorated with Jewish and Christian ornaments and patterns. 

When the event travels, "the 61st dress will be always be a signature piece designed differently depending on the city or country where the show is staged," said Uğurlu, highlighting that the 61st dress in Istanbul had the Tulip concept. 

While all the dresses representing the three major Abrahamic religions of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism were designed by Turkish fashion designer Muammer Ketenci, the next acts of 'The Alliance of Civilizations' fashion shows may include works of a Jewish and a Christian designers, Uğurlu said.


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