January 26, 2014

In His 82nd Birth Year Zeki Müren Was Commemorated With a Glittering Fashion Show in Istanbul

In the fond memory of the sun of Turkish classical music Zeki Müren, last month Istanbul’s famous historical landmark - El Hamra theatre - hosted “Through the Time-Tunnel with Style Icon Zeki Müren” fashion show by Ümit Temurçin.

Ümit Temurçin who is more and more highlighted in the media by his personal styling shows pleasantly surprised his followers with his commemorative Zeki Müren designs in his 3rd fashion event following his enchanting and provocative “Pera’s Lost Women” and "Back to the Nature" styling projects.

Temurçin’s Zeki Müren collection was inspired by the musician’s extravagant stage outfits as well as his two main life events – Zeki Müren’s birth on the stage as the sun of Turkish classical music and the dark day on which he died on stage- like a star should.

The night started out with Temurçin’s audio-visual portfolio presentations followed by a short documentary prepared by Temurçin’s team in memory of Zeki Müren. At the end of the documentary the two-part Zeki Müren designs rocked the stage. The night was applauded by the guests and critiques alike.

Temurçin’s design aimed to bring out Zeki Müren’s over-shadowed talent “pattern design”. The sun of Turkish classical music had more to offer to his international audience beyond his unmatched voice and poetry. Evening’s guests had the chance to enjoy Zeki Müren’s colorful character re-imaged on stage.

The show was attended by many Turkish and International celebrities alike in addition to some very highly respected press members. Ümit Temurçin’ glittering design was closely watched by Germany’s highly acclaimed “Welt am Sonntag” newspaper by Karl Lagefeld.

Turkish top model Deniz Akkaya, famous fashion designers Cengiz Abazoğlu and Serdar Uzuntaş as well as his Excellency French Culture Attaché Eric Fajole were among the many well-known guests of the spectacle.
Ümit Temurçin donates all the money generated from the sale of his Zeki Müren designs to a charity and will sends the custom made memory book signed by the evening’s guests to the official Zeki Müren museum in Bodrum.


After completing his ‘Jewelry Design’ degree in Miami International University of Art & Design, Ümit Temurçin concentrated his crafts on men’s jewelry design. Throughout the years, many of his signature pieces were acquired by Turkish and international brands. His design decorated international celebrities such as Israeli pop singer Dana International who wore an Ümit Temurçin signature piece during Eurovision Song Contest in 2011. In recent years Temurçin comes forward with his styling work such as ‘Lost Woman of PERA’ and ’Back to the Nature’. To find out more about Ümit Temurçin’s work please visit www.umittemurcin.com.

Currently Temurçin gives “Visual Merchandising and Window Design” lectures at İstanbul Fashion Academy.


Zeki Müren grew up in the provincial city of Bursa in western Turkey. From 1950 to 1953 he studied decorative arts in Istanbul at the Fine Arts Academy while launching his musical career. Zeki Müren was also a gifted painter, a poet and a popular actor. Zeki Müren loved wearing striking, out-of-ordinary design, and large ornate rings. He always put on heavy make-up. He had a pioneering role in rendering the Turkish society more accepting about homosexuality. He died of a heart attack during a live performance on stage in the city of İzmir on September 24, 1996. His death caused the greatest public grief in years and thousands of Turks attended his funeral.

In his forty-five-year professional career Müren composed more than three hundred songs and made more than six hundred recordings. He was celebrated as the sun of classical Turkish music and was affectionately called "Pasha".


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