December 23, 2012

Turkish Delight: A Sweet Tour of Istanbul

Grandeur defines Istanbul: From architectural icons such as Hagia Sophia to the city's indomitable traffic, Istanbul pulsates with intensity and splendor.

Including sweet splendor.

Istanbul's passion for pastries and its history of inventing some of the world's most delightful desserts tempts visitors and residents to skip dinner and head straight for the meal's concluding course.

Here's a taste of the most inventive, decadent and eccentric sweets from this culinary crossroads:

Sahlep: This mild beverage is Istanbul's answer to hot chocolate. Originating during the Ottoman Empire, sahlep's key ingredient is crushed orchid, which is used to thicken warm milk before being sweetened with sugar and cinnamon. Common during the winter, but also available at other times, sahlep is great for warming one's insides during a brisk walk along the Bosphorus.

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