December 23, 2012

'Imperfection' celebrated at Istanbul Design Biennial

"Imperfection," the title of Istanbul's inaugural Design Biennial, pays tribute both to the dynamism of its host city as well as to the design world's shift away from mass production.

Part art show, part expo, the biennial showcases almost 100 examples from architecture, city planning, interior and industrial design, fashion and new media in two separate exhibition spaces curated by Milan-based architect and writer Joseph Grima and local architect Emre Arolat.

"Design today is evolutionary. It's about creating systems that can be interpreted, adapted, sampled and copied...rather than a perfectly produced object from the factory," said Grima, who curated the exhibit "Adhocracy."

"Designers who can harness that spirit and transform it into objects are the protagonists of the future."

"Adhocracy" is set in a grand but crumbling school that once educated Istanbul's dwindling ethnic Greek population before it ran out of primary school students. The whir of 3-D printers is at odds with the neo-classical surrounding.

More than 200 designers and architects from 46 countries contributed to the Design Biennial.

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