November 18, 2012

Istanbul for James Bond Fans

‘Skyfall’, the latest in the Bond series, also stars Istanbul – and there are few more fitting cities for 007, as Sarah Knapton discovers.

We’re standing in Eminonu Square in the old quarter of Istanbul and our guide is pointing out a historic Ottoman fountain in front of a mosque. The carving is intricate and Moorish, the marble worn into channels from years of running water.

“Go on, have a guess how old it is,” he twinkles, his eyes brimming with childish mischief. Dutifully we indulge him.

Fifteenth century? Fourteenth? Earlier?

“No!” he beams. “It’s circa 2012. It’s a piece of the James Bond set.”

It turns out the mayor of Istanbul was so impressed with the prop from ‘Skyfall’ he asked for it to stay, smack bang in one of the most important squares in Istanbul. It’s the equivalent of Boris Johnson insisting that props from the Da Vinci Code were left in London’s Temple Church, just to confuse visitors.

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