November 18, 2012

Istanbul Design Biennial

Last month saw the opening of Istanbul’s inaugural Design Biennial. Situated across two main venues, the exhibitions responded to the theme ‘imperfection’, set by Design Museum director Deyan Sudjic, in light of his personal experience of the city. ‘It’s special quality is that it makes so much from the imperfect, the inexact and the provisional,’ he stated.

Suitably, then, both Musibet (meaning ‘plague’ or ‘sickness’ in Arabic), curated by architect Emre Arolat and Adhocracy – by Domus editor Joseph Grima – were brimming with projects interested in new models of organisation and production.

At Adhocracy – an exhibition of 60 projects spread over five stories of the Galata Greek School – the goal was to celebrate work that sidesteps the bureaucratic model of organisation in favour of bottom up strategies. Brickstarter, for example, uses the Kickstarter crowd-funding model but to fund public space interventions rather than products. The government still gets the final say, but a citizen proposal with financial support and community backing is an attractive proposal, rather than one to file away. The project is Finnish innovation fund Sitra’s attempt to re-write the way the public and government communicate.

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