November 15, 2012

Harvard Business School Plans Research Center in Istanbul

In addition to seven current research centers scattered around the world, Harvard Business School is on track to open a new research center in Istanbul in early 2013, Dean Nitin Nohria said in an interview with The Crimson last week.

These centers are not campuses, Nohria said, but rather leanly staffed offices designed to assist Business School faculty in writing cases about the global economy. The program began in 1997 with the opening of the California Research Center in Silicon Valley, and has since expanded to Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Paris, Mumbai, and Shanghai.

“The reason that we’re now thinking about Istanbul is that we look at the map of the world and we say, where are we missing?” Nohria said.

“Istanbul was always the gateway between the East and the West if you think about history,” Nohria said. “I think it’s one of the best vantage points from which we might also get connected to the Islamic world.”

The Business School convened a meeting in Istanbul in July 2012 to assess interest and support for the center.

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