October 20, 2012

Food: Innovative Cuisine in a Modern Age

“This is an explorer’s city, an eater’s city – you learn so much about modern Turkey through its food. But it takes time to go beyond the surface, to discover Turkish identity.” 

On Friday night in Istanbul, the panoramic terrace of the Sunset Grill & Bar is heaving with the glamour crowd. They are drawn by stunning views over the Bosphorus Strait, which divides what is known as “European” and “Asian” Istanbul, and by the creative menu of Turkish, Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine – as well as a wine cellar that surpasses many of France’s top restaurants.

This is just one aspect of Istanbul’s diverse culinary scene. Many others lie on either side of the Golden Horn, a tributary that divides the city’s “old town” and “new district”, and in the sleepier “Asian side” to the east.

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