October 23, 2012

Thunder Storm in Istanbul Last Night

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Amazing thunder storm in Istanbul last night (22.10.2012) Enjoy the video above published by Doğan News Agency of Turkey. Don't forget to watch it in HD. Enjoy & Happy Holidays!

October 20, 2012

Food: Innovative Cuisine in a Modern Age

“This is an explorer’s city, an eater’s city – you learn so much about modern Turkey through its food. But it takes time to go beyond the surface, to discover Turkish identity.” 

On Friday night in Istanbul, the panoramic terrace of the Sunset Grill & Bar is heaving with the glamour crowd. They are drawn by stunning views over the Bosphorus Strait, which divides what is known as “European” and “Asian” Istanbul, and by the creative menu of Turkish, Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine – as well as a wine cellar that surpasses many of France’s top restaurants.

This is just one aspect of Istanbul’s diverse culinary scene. Many others lie on either side of the Golden Horn, a tributary that divides the city’s “old town” and “new district”, and in the sleepier “Asian side” to the east.

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Ministry Considering Cultural Center in Istanbul: Lung Ying-tai

TAIPEI--The Ministry of Culture is thinking about setting up a cultural center in Istanbul, Turkey, to facilitate cultural exchanges between Taiwan and the Islamic world, Culture Minister Lung Ying-tai said yesterday.

Istanbul is a place “where the East meets the West,” and Taiwanese artists and the general public could benefit much from learning more about Islamic art, religion and way of life, said Lung, who visited Istanbul in 1978.

Taiwan and Turkey could promote writer exchanges and organize film festivals, she suggested.

In response, Pavey said she will do everything in her power to help make the idea of a Taiwanese cultural 
center in Istanbul a reality and hopes the proposal will be embraced by her country. 

Several Centuries Later the Mısır Çarşısı Still Attracts

Lonely Planet has now listed the Mısır Çarşısı (Spice Bazaar) as number five on its Best Fresh Food Markets List. And just last July the Hagia Sophia made it on to the same organization’s list of the Ten Most Beautiful Buildings in the World. Istanbul is moving up in the world. Was it the spice trade that first promoted international trade as some would speculate or was it some other commodity?

Istanbul’s Mısır Çarşısı is in Eminönü, located today across the shore road from the ferryboat landings used for travel between the European and Asian sides of the city. But centuries ago it was cargo ships that tied up in this area to debouch their cargos of grain and spices. The Byzantines did the same and even had a market here called the Makron Envalos. The Romans and others who came here before the Byzantines probably also used the area for trade as well.

Certainly the whole of the area is covered in Byzantine remains, although you’d never know it today. Maritime trade was carried out by Genoese and Venetian ships, plying their trade between the Black Sea and their home cities in present-day Italy. Istanbul was a logical place to stop before going on to the Mediterranean.

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Stray Animals Spark Cat Fight in Turkey

Animals are furry fixtures on the street corners of nearly every Turkish neighborhood. In Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, it's not unusual to see cafes and bars adopting strays as pets -- cats even take seats at bars to lap up saucers of milk, next to patrons sipping more fermented substances.

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October 17, 2012

James Bond Gets Real

007 is back: heroic, flawed, vulnerable, and more than ever like Ian Fleming's original creation. Mark Salisbury catches up with the cast and crew of Skyfall on location in Istanbul.

A lot has changed in Istanbul - Ian Fleming's favourite city - in the 49 years since James Bond first visited it in From Russia With Love. In Eminonu Square, on the banks of the Bosphorus, nestled against the steps of the New Mosque, Dennis Gassner, production designer of Skyfall, the 23rd Bond film, has created his own grand bazaar with 196 market stalls and 500 extras. It's part of the pre-credit chase that opens Daniel Craig's third outing as 007, an elaborate sequence involving trains, cars and a rooftop motorcycle pursuit that will take two months to complete.

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Why To Visit Istanbul This Fall: The Istanbul Design Biennial

Yes, the timing could be better, but Istanbul is newly exciting this fall for design aficionados and anyone interested in urban planning. The city—whose historical treasures tend to outshine its thriving and compelling contemporary-design scene—is aiming to rectify that, and to make headlines for something other than bad news, by launching the Istanbul Design Biennial, an ambitious pair of exhibitions and related activities that will run through December 12.

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People Powered | Istanbul Design Biennial

There are few places more perfect to weigh the value of imperfection than Istanbul. And imperfection is the theme of the Istanbul Design Biennial, Turkey’s first, which is organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts and runs through Dec. 13. It consists of two separately curated exhibitions; together, they feature work by more than 300 designers and architects from 46 countries, and catalog the richness and increasing ubiquity of ad hoc design.

In Istanbul, it is common to see freshly washed carpets drying in the sun, clipped to a wall by the legs of what is, essentially, an improvised “clothespin”: one of those plain, plastic outdoor chairs familiar the world over. Although some things are dictated top-down in Turkey, design isn’t one of them. “Istanbul has been carrying design in its genes for centuries,” says Emre Arolat, one of the biennial’s curators and a second-generation architect, “but combining the words ‘design’ and ‘Istanbul’ is new.”

Arolat and his fellow curator, Joseph Grima, the editor of the Italian design magazine Domus, have pulled together projects from Monrovia, Liberia to St. Lamsbrecht, Austria, among other spots around the world.

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October 15, 2012

A Bridge Over the Bosphorus

Istanbul has long been a city divided. Straddling the Bosphorus, a strait of water that forms part of the boundary between Europe and Asia, the city has a tumultuous history. Founded in the seventh century BC as Byzantium, it has been captured and reinvented several times in the past two and a half millennia, and formed the capital of four empires: Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman.

Today Istanbul is a forward-thinking city, the business hub for many of Turkey’s international organisations and home to 13.4m people. One of the industries most keenly benefiting from the city’s progressive attitude is design.

This year sees the inaugural Istanbul Design Biennial, which opens this weekend and runs until mid-December at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art and the Galata Greek Primary School, in the modern quarter of the city, above the Golden Horn, an inlet of the Bosphorus. The event will showcase designs in architecture, interior design, graphics and fashion.

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Why Is Soho House Going to Istanbul?

Turkey has been luring visitors to its azure seas and ancient sites for thousands of years, but only recently has it gained a reputation as a Hollywood hangout -- not to mention a filming location. Until the late '90s, the most well-known movie set in Istanbul was 1978's Midnight Express, a cautionary tale about its prison system. Long a source of consternation among Turks, it was banned locally until 1992.

Flash forward to 2012. That prison in Midnight Express now is one of two plush Four Seasons -- the Four Seasons Sultanahmet (Tevkifhane Sokak 1, rooms from $405). The hotel is one of dozens of Turkey's new breed of ultraposh resorts in a city increasingly renowned for its cuisine and contemporary art. Hollywood has caught on, too, with more than 15 recent projects filmed in Istanbul, including Liam Neeson's Taken 2, Ben Affleck's Argo and Daniel Craig's new James Bond pic Skyfall. Soho House even plans to open there in 2014, and the city -- population 13.5 million -- is a finalist for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

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Istanbul Municipality Opens 2012-2013 Culture Season

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) has raised the curtain on the 2012-2013 culture and arts season with an eye toward celebrating its platinum jubilee the following year.

“2013 is very important for the preparations for the 100th anniversary [of Turkish cinema and Turkish theater]. We have already started preparing for this anniversary,” İBB Cultural and Social Affairs Director Abdurrahman Şen said Oct. 8 during a ceremony at Istanbul’s Esma Sultan Mansion.

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Turkey - Must See Istanbul

WHEN YOU'VE ticked off the "Great Cities of Europe" - London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona - what's next? Istanbul, though it deserves to come a tad ahead of most of those.

You want old? The Doric tribe came "Downtown" (that's what the city's name means) in 667BC, though there had been a Neolithic settlement since 6500BC.

You want history? Through 25 centuries Byzantium, aka Constantinople, aka Istanbul was capital of the Roman, Eastern Roman or Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman Empires.

You want culture? See above. Art? Calligraphy, architecture, ceramics, embroidery, gold and metalwork, jewellery, one of the world's three great cuisines...

that'll do for starters.

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Magical Istanbul

Actor Rajesh Khattar recently took a break from the hectic shooting schedule of Race 2 to explore the Turkish city of Istanbul.

Accompanied by his wife actor-producer Vandana Sajnani, Rajesh said he was greatly impressed with the city and its inherent culture and beauty. “In fact, we are planning another trip soon with our extended families,” he added.

The couple feels that Istanbul straddles the modern with the traditional, beautifully. “The Bosphorus bridge which connects Europe and Asia is a major tourist attraction and is the most breath-taking sight in the city, especially in the evenings,” says Vandana.

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Istanbul Shopping Guide: Bazaars and Beyond

Istanbul’s position on an ancient trade route between East and West means that its inhabitants are merchants – and shoppers – to their core. From Ottoman antiques and fine carpets to jewellery and belly-dancing costumes, Istanbul offers a wealth of all things Oriental.

But there’s more besides: the chic boutiques, vintage and “concept” stores of modern Istanbul give London and Paris a run for their money in terms of inventiveness and edge; and there are plenty of designer malls and streets to keep the label-hungry sated. But as ever, in this sprawling, car-choked metropolis, you need to know where to go.

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Why Mysterious Istanbul Makes a Perfect Backdrop for the Action in 'Taken 2'

Istanbul is a beautiful city with many exquisite mosques, monuments and treasures to be seen. Why the writers of "Taken 2" chose it for its sequel is undoubtedly because of its mystery. The bigger question is: Why did Liam Neeson invite his family back to Istanbul so near to the scene of the original crime? Didn’t he realize that the hate-mongering Albanians were multiplying with rapid speed and could be out to seek revenge for the bloody trail Neeson made in killing the men who kidnapped his daughter? 

October 09, 2012

Istanbul Design Guide by ZERO

A guide to the 50 most influential architectures built in Istanbul since the Eighties 

A project for the first edition of the Istanbul Design Biennial Istanbul October, 13th - December, 12th 2012 

Visit Istanbul Design Guide by ZERO to see more

October 05, 2012

A Man-Made, Net-Zero Energy Island Off the Coast of Istanbul

This year Istanbul Design Week goes back to the future with a very ambitious project: HavvAda, a cutting-edge net-positive-energy residential island conceptualized by New York-based Studio Dror. Turkish developer Serdar Inan has commissioned the project, which will be unveiled in Istanbul on September 29.

HavvAda will be built off Istanbul’s shore, using excavated soil from a new massive canal planned between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. Inan has asked that the project be completed in time for the Turkish Republic’s Centennial in 2023.

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Making City Istanbul

Making City Istanbul is the last exhibition of the 5th IABR: Making City. The exhibition is part of Musibet, the main exhibition of the first Istanbul Design Biennial that opens on October 10 at Istanbul Modern.

"Like all metropolitan regions in the world Istanbul is preparing itself for the challenges ahead," commented George Brugmans, Director of IABR. "How can we harmonise rapidly advancing urbanisation with ecological and economic concerns? In the next few years, the urban planners, designers, politicians, cultural operators, citizens and entrepreneurs of Istanbul will need to find common ground on this issue."

Making City Istanbul presents three urban projects that not only offer concrete solutions for specific local issues, but also present inspiring strategies and examples that are offered as inspiration and possible benchmarks.

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Istanbul to Celebrate Jewish Culture Day

Istanbul’s Jewish community invites the city’s residents and visitors to learn about Jewish culture on Oct. 7, with the Turkish Jewish Society organizing a series of events in honor of the European Day of Jewish Culture.

The event will be celebrated simultaneously in 30 countries around the world.

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Istanbul Tanpinar Literature Festival

In balmy October sunshine, streets teeming with people enjoying the last days of warmth, Istanbul seems like one of the most inviting cities on earth. But while the theme of the fourth Istanbul Tanpinar Literature Festival – City and Fear – appears far more sombre, the guest writers still brought plenty of levity to the opening discussion. The event, in partnership with the Hay Festival, began with a discussion between British novelist Louis de Bernières and Colombian author Juan Gabriel Vasquez on the theme of writing about conflict.

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Postcard from Istanbul: An Impressive, Energetic City

Istanbul is very metropolitan, very friendly for English speakers, and massive in size. There are 10 different tours available to those interested in exploring it.

Istanbul has that rare combination of New York flair with a history and culture that can be overwhelming. A visit to the Spice Market — an essentially endless flea market of frantic intensity filled with salesmen who can easily sniff out a tourist looking for souvenirs — can especially be fascinating.

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October 04, 2012

"İstanbul Kadeh Kaldırıyor" Designed for Wine-Lovers

Turkish wine maker Doluca is organizing yet another one of its - now traditional - "İstanbul Kadeh Kaldırıyor" (Istanbul Raises Her Glass) wine festival between October 3 - 14.

Since 2006 Doluca is making it possible for wine-lovers to try the wine of their choice without the obligation for openning a bottle for the next 10 days.

A number of prestigious Istanbul restaurants are supporting the festival such as Anjelique, Ca’d’oro , Da Mario, Frankie, Gina, GiGi, İstanbul Modern, La Brise, Mikla , Sunset, Şans, Topaz, Vogue and X Restoran.

Find out more about the 7th "İstanbul Kadeh Kaldırıyor" festival @ http://www.istanbulkadehkaldiriyor.com/haberler.asp