August 31, 2012

Street Artist Robbbb Brings China to Istanbul’s Streets

Street artist, Robbbb, has started a new creative project to infuse a bit of China’s working life with the streets of two of Turkey’s largest cities, Istanbul and Izmir, according to

On the heels of his sojourn to Beijing, Robbbb is incorporating inspiration from his travels to his newest series of works in Turkey and later Dubai. “This series of works from China are images of the most common people. I took them to foreign countries with an attempt to explore the differences of political and social backgrounds, and to highlight their mode of existence,” he said, speaking about the enlarged, hand-colored, wheatpaste posters he has created, according to the website.
Read more on Hurriyet Daily News: Street Artist Robbbb Brings China to Istanbul’s Streets


Unknown said...

That's not a bad idea..... I'll defintely have a think on this. study in china

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