August 31, 2012

Fish restaurants in Istanbul: Natural Selection(s)

In the evolutionary process of the Istanbul fish restaurant, there was a moment in the late 1990s when the amphibious, shore-hugging boat restaurants crawled out of the Bosphorus and became land dwellers. Overnight, yellow Wellington boots became black loafers as seafaring grill men became restaurateurs and waiters. ,

Some rue the day the municipality cleared the Bosphorus of its smoking flotilla of fish restaurants, but we never found dining aboard them very pleasant. That slight roll of the sea underfoot may feel "authentic," but we've seen it send a can of Fanta sliding across a rickety table, drenching a freshly grilled fish in orange pop, then rolling around on the filthy floor of a cramped dining space that was always filled with fishy grill smoke. 

Luckily, the land-based versions of these fish restaurants are extremely pleasant, across-the-board affordable, of reliably good quality and family-friendly.

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