July 24, 2012

Shopping Malls Become Unexpected Art Spaces in Istanbul

Light installations, oil on canvas works, sculptures and performance art all have a new, rather unexpected place to be showcased rather than in museums or art galleries. All of them are popping up in shopping malls. As the growing population in the cities becomes more integrated to consumer culture art has evolved into new spaces, becoming more visible through placement in shopping malls.

While Turkish artists Genco Gülan and İmsail Acar signed their marks by opening shows at various malls in Istanbul, American artist Julian Opie setup his LED walking man and woman at a public space outside a mall. Artists gathered at the Aventura Mall, 10 miles north of Miami Beach, for a contemporary public art collection that was being constructed. Jorge Pardo and Lawrence Weiner made unique installations for the space.

Read more on Hurriyet Daily News: Shopping Malls Become Unexpected Art Spaces in Istanbul


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