June 24, 2012

Shop Istanbul: A Fashionista's Paradise

When it comes to shopping destinations, the main ones that spring to mind are Paris, New York, London and Milan. But right now Istanbul is the place to go. This Turkish hot spot that spans continents, civilizations, cultures and beliefs, is rapidly becoming not only a shopping hub, but also one of entertainment and culture.

During the Istanbul Shopping Fest, the streets of one of the most dynamic cities in the world, where east meets west, sparkle with lights and decorations. A whole range of cultural activities take place: concerts; street parties; parades; and competitions, bringing Istanbul's shopping centres and main shopping streets to life.

During the three week festival, which is in its second year, you'll have the chance to bag yourself a bargain from new collections offering generous discounts of up to 50 per cent. It's an exciting chance for shopping lovers to see another side of this city whilst experiencing shopping between two diverse continents on the same day. And there's an extra bonus – as a foreign visitor, you'll be able to claim back part of the VAT at the TAX FREE points located in the shopping centres around the city!

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