June 23, 2012

Red Bull X-Fighters Istanbul Canceled

The third stop of the 2012 Red Bull X-Fighters International Freestyle Motocross world tour was canceled Saturday because of heavy winds at the venue at Kazli├žesme Square in Istanbul, reducing the 2012 tour from six stops to five. Qualifying rounds on Friday were also canceled because of the weather.

"The No. 1 priority for us is the safety of the athletes," explained Red Bull X-Fighters sports director [and frequent ESPN.com contributor] Tes Sewell, in an official statement on Saturday. "What the 12 best FMX riders do takes an incredible amount of skill and precision and it can be very dangerous when it goes wrong. For all of us it's disappointing not to be able to give the Turkish fans the pinnacle of this sport and show them the highest level of freestyle motocross."

The event would have marked the first time an X-Fighters event had been held in Turkey, but gusts of wind measured at up to 45 kph forced delays all weekend and the eventual cancellation.

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