May 10, 2012

Various And Gould Perform "Guest Work" On The Street In Istanbul

A cobalt blue streak sweeps through a narrow street in Istanbul as Various and Gould don fluorescent orange work vests and push brooms with a purpose. The lunchtime crowd gathers a few steps back and to the sides to witness a remarkable cloud of ultra-marine pigment forming a wake behind the two German Street Artists as they perform their new installation focusing on work and workers.

Simply by changing the color of the dirt, the effect of an everyday act by municipal workers is effectively transformed, if not understood. 34 kilos of non-toxic blue pushed up a street with confidence and industry by two people wearing an official-looking logo on their uniforms does cause confusion. "What happened? Did someone die?" asks a spectator. No, they are assured, it is an art performance - an explanation that calms most but not all, including restaurant owners here in this eastside tourist district of "Beyoğlu" while their dining guests look curiously with mouths agape. 

Visit The German Street Art Duo and "Berlistanbul" Gallery:


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