May 27, 2012

New Book Reveals Historical Changes in Istanbul

A new book published by the Istanbul Municipality, “Istanbul: The Awakening of the Historical City,” aims to reflect how Istanbul evolved over time. As the city hosted many civilizations for many years, the book highlights the civilizations, and how the area changed over time.

The book also reveals the expansion of tourism and restoration. While during 2004 and 2012 the municipality expended 1,997 billion Turkish Liras for culture and arts, restoration projects cost 262 million. A total of 98 artifacts have been restored and 21 artifacts are still in the preservation and restoration process.

The book also highlighted the buildings and historical venues of Istanbul. For example nine historical mosques have been restored for 32 million liras during the same period, the book revealed. There are still four mosques undergoing restoration.

One of the most historical and oldest mosques of Istanbul, Altı Poğaça Mosque, built in 1482, become usable again. On the other hand, Büyük Piyalepaşa Mosque, cleaned from the buildings around it, became a historical venue for tourism and culture.

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