February 12, 2012

Van Gogh Alive Digital Art Exhibition

The Turkish Pharmaceutical firm Abdi İbrahim is celebrating its 100th year with the new Van Gogh Alive Digital Art Exhibit at Karakoy Antrepo.

Over the next couple of months, more than 3,000 digital images of Van Gogh’s most famous work will be on display in Istanbul for the first time since its premier in Singapore.

Providing art lovers with an experience above and beyond everyone's expectations, Van Gogh Alive uses  image projection technique, displaying artist's work on giant screens, walls, columns, floors and even ceilings of the exhibition space in an attempt to redefine the audience’s connection with art. The exhibition heightens all the senses, using light, color and sound techniques while challenging all preconceived notions of how an art exhibition should be.

Van Gogh Alive - created by Australian Grande Exhibitions will be running until May 15, 2012.

Visit The Official Website (in Turkish): Van Gogh Alive Digital Art Exhibition


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