February 23, 2012

Istanbul Supplement in Chinese Magazine

The 21-page supplement included observations of a Chinese citizen living in the Turkish metropolis and spoke about traditional Ottoman and Turkish cultures. Chinese teacher Ging Yang has been living in Istanbul since 2007.

The supplement wrote about Turks’ affection for tea and promoted Istanbul’s history, mosques, culture and Turkish food, particularly döner kebab.

The supplement said Istanbul was not an ordinary city and had hosted the world’s oldest civilizations throughout its history. “The city takes romanticism of Greece, mystery of Egypt, intelligence of Rome and the courage and heroism of the Ottoman,” said the supplement. “Istanbul does not belong to any class. It is unique and in the meeting point of civilizations,” it said.

The culture section of the supplement published an interview with Nobel Laureate in Literature Orhan Pamuk. It also promoted world-renowned Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s award-winning film “Uzak.”

The supplement gave four pages to Pamukkale, which is famous for its thermal water and spa centers in the Aegean region.

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