February 10, 2012

Istanbul Hosting Health and Nutrition Biennial

Istanbul`s Sheraton Maslak Hotel welcomed the `Health and Nutrition Biennial` yesterday.

In recent months, there has been much discussion in the media about how levels of poor food and nutrition have reached an alarming level in Turkey. The `Obesity and Diabetes Prevention and Treatment Strategy Program` of the Ministry of Health is based on cooperation between government, civil society and the scientific community.

The biennial seeks to answer questions such as: What should be done to preserve food safety, from food production to packaging, preservation, distribution and consumption? What are the current efforts of the food industry in Turkey? Are these efforts enough? What kind of measures should be taken in retail stores and places of mass consumption such as grocery stores, restaurants, cafes and schools? Was this issue discussed sufficiently scientifically in Turkey? Professors are chairing symposiums on these issues at the conference, which will end tomorrow.

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