February 09, 2012

Exhibition Shows That Criticism is ‘What I Love’

In September 1968 Marcel Broodthaers established the Musée d’Art Moderne, Département des Aigles, which consisted of an installation of crates, postcards and inscriptions in his Brussels apartment. The museum was opened with an inaugural speech by Johannes Cladders, then director of the Museum in Mönchengladbach, Germany, which was followed by a discussion on the role of art within society.

In present-day terms, in Turkey, while the country is going through a wild art market process with newly opening galleries and newly opened museums (both private and public), some exhibitions or some works act like “messages” sent to the future art society, hinting at the fate of works of art once they become a part of the art market.

The current exhibition at the Borusan Art Center, “What I Love,” may offer the best example of such messages. The exhibition brings together the latest works of 10 young artists, ranging from sculpture to video installation and including 3-D site-specific works.


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