January 22, 2012

Wizard Istanbul Guides Foreign Tourists Visiting Istanbul

Wizard Istanbul, a travel guide supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day to help foreign tourists visiting Istanbul.

A volunteer organization founded by Mehmet Cihangir, a lover of Istanbul, is helping Istanbul travelers experience the city even better. Wizard İstanbul is an on-demand service, so tourists can ask anything they want to know about Istanbul via the social media networks -- Facebook and Twitter -- and also the official website, www.wizardistanbul.com. Wizard İstanbul is operated by Web Girişim. “The Wizard Istanbul team grows day by day with new Istanbul lovers to help tourists to have better experiences with Istanbul,” the project’s website states.

Identifying their basic goal in an introductory text included in the website, those behind the project say their idea is simple and clear; they try to think as tourists think and provide only the most useful and important information in their guides. They further say the rest of the information is based on demand, which means they wait until foreign tourists ask the questions.


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