January 24, 2012

The Theme of Exhibtion Reveals Artistic Healing

Siemens Sanat is continuing artistic activities that look at the actual individual and the trans-border world of the present day with the new exhibition “Accent and Silence.”

The exhibition gathers works by Ayşen Urfalıoğlu, Florencia Almiron and Ragıp Basmazölmez.

“The relations among the works are not discreet. On the contrary, they are open,” exhibition curator Melih Görgün told the Hürriyet Daily News. “Our present day perception of the trans-border world replaces the representation of otherness in the public space with the dual appearance of difference. ‘Divisions’ and ‘splits’ leave the actual individual devoid of any type of autonomy or representation as a result of the current political atmosphere,” said Görgün.

The exhibition curated within this general framework discusses how the colonial domination of consumerist culture encircles the individual while, at the same time, the transnational control mechanisms emerging together with globalization are liberating the individual, said Görgün, adding that the exhibition also touched visually on the need for liberating strategies in order to overcome the crisis state of the individual.

Görgün said it was possible that the audience could read the meanings of the works very comfortably. For example, Urfalıoğlu, Almiron and Basmazölmez present these unverbalized thoughts as the individual’s acts of resistance in their works.

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