January 01, 2012

Stamboul Twilight is 1 Year Old!

One year ago today Stamboul Twilight started out as a baby blog in Sweden. 

Its first ever post being 'Istanbul thrives as the new party capital of Europe', over the past 12 months Stamboul Twilight published 767 posts. 

Having attracted only 340 unique visitors at the end of January 2011, today Stamboul Twilight reaches a total of  15K unique visitors per month - who are either curious about or interested in Istanbul and related subjects. 

In 2011 Stamboul Twilight published spots, summaries and occasionally complete features from the following publications: BBC (2) Bloomberg (3) City Film (1) CNN (4) ESPN (1) Fox News (1) Global Post (3) Guardian (14) Huffington Post (5) Hurriyet Daily News (222) Just Luxe (5) Luxist (1) Mail and Guardian (1) National Geographic (1) Reuters (5) SkySports (1) The Financial (4) The Globe and Mail (3) The Independent (9) The National (4) The New York Times (24) The Standard (1) The Telegraph (10) The Wall Street Journal (2) Vogue (3) W Magazine (1) Zaman (148).

We hope that this blog would keep exposing you to things you have never heard of, things you have never seen and things you could never imagine about Istanbul in 2012.

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