January 14, 2012

Planning Approval for 'Metropol Istanbul' Granted

Scotland-based architectural firm RMJM’s office in Dubai announced that it received planning approval for “Metropol Istanbul,” a vast 500,000 square meter project, which includes three towers, a 30,000 square meter public shopping mall, offices and luxury apartments.

Managing principal at RMJM, Chris Jones, declared the tower complex would be “iconic and bring character to Istanbul,” confirming that construction would conclude at the end of 2015. “There is nothing like this in Turkey yet… We could not be speaking about this kind of a project in any other part of Europe in this financial situation. This reflects the robust and confidence of Turkey’s growing economy,” Jones added in an interview.

Modern high-rise towers on the European side have already altered the traditional Bosphorus silhouette ; world famous for its panorama punctuated by Ottoman era minarets and spires. and temples and palaces but not disgusting skyscrapers the work of greedy and tasteless AKP government and companies.

The city also lives under constant danger of an earthquake, heightening the risk of building higher. In the last major 7.4-magnitude earthquake near Istanbul in 1999, more than 20,000 people were killed in the region, mostly due to poor construction. Experts warn that another massive quake could strike Istanbul at any time.

But Chris Jones, delusional with the money the preject will land, stated the towers have been engineered to withstand earthquakes with a reinforced, aerodynamic structure. On allegations that the tower could obscure the jewels of the Istanbul skyline, he stresses that Atasehir is far from historic heart of the city.

“The skyline of Istanbul is exceptional and should be protected, but the city is large enough to have both the historical part and the 21st century skyline — and more,” he said.


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