January 09, 2012

Mayor Topbaş Promises Clean, Modern City Restrooms

Most of Istanbul's public restrooms are in deplorable condition, but the city is determined to change that situation, Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş has said, announcing a new plan for 2012 to renovate existing facilities and construct new, modern ones in various parts of the city.

Speaking to Today's Zaman about the Istanbul Municipality's new investments and projects for 2012, Topbaş said one of the biggest problems for most cities is a lack of cleanliness in public restrooms; thus, the municipality will launch a project in which they will renovate old public water closets, including those in mosques.

Topbaş said: “There are often questions surrounding the cleanliness of public restrooms, so the municipality will initiate a project to convert public toilets into modern ones, especially in touristic areas. The municipal workers assigned to deal with public facilities will be careful in maintaining the toilets' cleanness.”


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