January 08, 2012

Jimi Hendrix Show by His Brother at Roxy

Leon Hendrix, the younger brother of rock icon Jimi Hendrix, will pay tribute to the “World’s Best Guitarist” in Istanbul and Ankara. The Jimi Hendrix Show feat. Leon Hendrix will be at Istanbul’s Roxy stage on Jan. 20 and Ankara’s Kuzgun Bar and Performance Hall on Jan. 21.

Best known for his original artwork featuring his brother Jimi and his songwriting regarding his life growing up as part of the Hendrix legacy, Leon Hendrix said his wish was to keep his brother Jimi’s legacy alive by dedicating his songs to Jimi when he performed. His band “The Leon Hendrix Band” has released one album named “Keeper of the Flame.”

He has also toured in recent years with The Magic Carpet Ride performing concerts in large venues.

Ticket price for the show is 40 Turkish Liras and 30 liras for students.

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