January 22, 2012

Jane Birkin Sings for Istanbul

Jane Birkin, a 66-year-old actress, singer and activist, sang the songs of Serge Gainsbourg on Jan. 19 at Istanbul’s Babylon with Japanese musicians.

Perhaps unfitting for a cultural icon who once inspired a Hermes bag, she was dressed in a plain white shirt and black trousers, but this did not stop her from charming the audience.

Birkin sang the songs of last century, becoming her younger self again, only now with more noblesse and grace. Birkin was careful to emphasize the reason for the tour and sang the songs to honor the love of her life and father of her first-born child, Gainsbourg.

Many in the audience were left with the impression that Gainsbourg was indeed among them, if not on stage with Birkin, suggesting that eternal might indeed exist after all.

Read more on Hurriyet Daily News: Jane Birkin Sings for Istanbul


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