January 22, 2012

Istanbul’s ‘Lost’ Gateways

Of the approximately 60 gates that used to be used as entrances and exits through the walls that surrounded the city of Istanbul, some are remembered in the names of districts that lie near where the doors used to be, while many have simply been forgotten over time.

According to a recent article by the Anatolia news agency, the gates that marked the “Marmara,” “Haliç” (Golden Horn) and “Kara” (Land) walls that once surrounded the city during Byzantine and Ottoman times were regularly opened in the morning and closed at night. Though most of these ancient gateways have not lasted to the present day, some of their names live on in the names of the districts situated near where the gates used to be.

These gates to the city used to be very well used, and many of them are well documented in historical texts. They are at the top of the list of places worth seeing in Istanbul.


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