January 22, 2012

Artist Dedicates Exhibit to His Friend, Poet Nazım Hikmet

A retrospective exhibition by an artist who began painting when he met Turkey’s most famous poet, Nazım Hikmet, in Bursa Prison 70 years ago, is now on display at the International Art Center in Istanbul’s Üsküdar.

İbrahim Balaban’s exhibition, “Balabanizm,” features 140 works, including previously unseen tiles, design, carpet and canvas works, as well as a self-portrait signed by Nazım himself.

Balaban, who took three years of education in a village of the Marmara province of Bursa, told Anatolia news agency that his interest in painting began after he met Nazım, whom he described as “Şair Baba” (Poet Father).

Turks around the country marked the 110th anniversary of Nazım’s birth with ceremonies on Jan. 15.

The artist said his talent was discovered and developed thanks to the poet’s support and interest and that they were together for seven years.


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