December 28, 2011

Turkey Becoming Major Hub for Contemporary Art

Turkey’s ever-growing art scene was again flourishing in many fields, from fine arts to cinema and literature, in the year we’re preparing to leave behind.

Yet, as it has been the case for decades, 2011 was again a year in which almost all major cultural events took place in Istanbul, Turkey’s cultural capital, save for several international festivals in Antalya, Ankara and İzmir.

The most significant of the art events Turkey offered to the international art community in the past year was arguably the 12th Istanbul Biennial, a two-month exhibition that generated hype not only among Turkish art connoisseurs and the local art community, but also in international media, with leading press publications, including The New York Times and The Economist, publishing detailed reviews of the event.

From mid-September to mid-November, “Untitled (12th Istanbul Biennial), 2011” presented more than 500 works of art in five group exhibitions and more than 50 solo presentations in an assorted selection co-curated by Adriano Pedrosa and Jens Hoffmann under several themes inspired by the works of late Cuban-American artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres.

While Britain’s The Independent billed the event as “the art calendar’s most enticing event -- even above Venice,” The Guardian, another leading British daily, declared that Istanbul was “now up there with Venice and São Paulo as the art biennials that matter,” adding that the biennial was the most telling sign of “the rise of Istanbul as a cultural power.”

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