December 28, 2011

Istanbul Mayor Pushes Animal Rights to Forefront of Agenda

Sunday marked the end of a three-month project by the Istanbul municipality’s “Rights that Exist, Love for Animals and Animal Rights,” a program which has seen 10,000 children educated on the importance of respecting every form of life on Earth, with a concert at the Cemal Reşit Rey concert hall in Istanbul’s Harbiye quarter.

Speaking at the concert, Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş underlined the importance of recognizing animal rights. “All life is holy and precious, be it of humans, animals or ecology, and no person has the right to take away the right of another living being to live,” he said.

Addressing a range of animal rights-related issues, Topbaş announced that the municipality has decided to close down the Istanbul-based Dolphinarium Dolphin Display Center when its contract expires in two years time. “You can’t base entertainment around a process that makes animals suffer and causes them pain,” he said.


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