November 14, 2011

Japanese Doctor Miyazaki’s Name Given to Park in Istanbul

A park in Istanbul’s Bahçelievler district has been named for Japanese doctor Atsushi Miyazaki, who was killed when his hotel collapsed in a magnitude 5.6 earthquake last week in Turkey’s eastern province of Van, where he had come with Japan’s Association for Aid and Relief to help victims of an earlier earthquake that occurred on Oct. 23.

Talking to reporters at a ceremony held by Bahçelievler Municipality, Mayor Osman Develioğlu said the municipality decided to name of the park, previously called the “Trafik Eğitim ve Sivil Savunma Parkı” (Traffic Training and Civil Defense Park) for Miyazaki as a sign of respect for the humanitarian doctor’s memory.

Pointing out that many people came to Turkey from foreign countries to help victims of the quake, Develioğlu said that Azerbaijani and Japanese citizens worked especially hard in the earthquake zone, rescuing victims from the rubble. Offering his condolences to Miyazaki’s family, Develioğlu added “Miyazaki was one of [the international rescuers], and was killed in the earthquake zone, for which we are very sorry. I want to thank all the people who rushed to Turkey to help the victims of the quake.”


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