November 24, 2011

Garanti Bank’s SALT Unveils Second Contemporary Space

SALT, the Beyoğlu-based, Garanti Bank-owned nonprofit organization and multifaceted arts enterprise that was launched earlier in the year, setting out to become Turkey’s biggest cultural platform, hosted the official opening of their second art and research space, SALT Galata, on Tuesday.

Located in one of the most dynamic cultural centers in Istanbul, the 15,000-square-meter building, originally designed by French Levantine architect Alexandre Vallaury to house the Ottoman Bank in the 19th century, boasts extensive facilities including a 219-capacity auditorium, a workshop and conference spaces, a 410-square-meter exhibition space, open archives, a cafe, a restaurant and a bookstore.

SALT Galata also houses the much-anticipated institute SALT Research. Comprising an extensive library that focuses on the arts, architecture, design, urbanism and social and economic history as well as an archive of print and digital documents, SALT Research fills the 650-square-meter central atrium of SALT Galata, which still houses the entrances to the original bank safes.

The inauguration of the institute is marked by the opening of three exhibitions: “Open Archive 1 Foto Galatasaray” by Tayfun Serttaş, “Modern Essays 3 Modernity Unveiled/Interweaving Histories,” by Gülsün Karamustafa and “Scramble for the Past: A Story of Archaeology in the Ottoman Empire, 1753-1914.” All three will be open for public viewing until Jan. 22.


john smith said...

As you can see, with this schedule the center should be finished within a month.

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