October 04, 2011

Warming up to Shakespeare’s Richard III

Tickets for the Istanbul dates of Sam Mendes’ production of the classic Shakespeare work “Richard III” were sold out almost instantly, thanks in part to the star attraction of main man Kevin Spacey. In the rush to see the play, however, many viewers are likely to be relatively unacquainted with the play’s historical context; a lack of knowledge about the play’s historical background will not necessarily affect the viewing pleasure, but acquiring a better grasp of the text’s plot, which is to be staged in full, as well as a familiarity with the period’s historical chaos, would benefit many an audience member.

For an Elizabethan audience, William Shakespeare’s ‘Richard III’ displayed an ultimate evil incarnate whose final fall suggested an act of divine justice. For the modern audience, however, the character’s range from a “false passionate brother,” to “a false amorous lover,” to a “false pious man” and a “false reluctant heir to the throne,” is the source of an admiration that is mostly attributed to the talent and success of the actor rather than the character’s creator.

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