October 26, 2011

Uncanny Exhibition at Istanbul Modern

Istanbul Modern hosts “Uncanny Encounters” photography exhibition. The exgibtion features recent works by six younger generation female artists from Turkey, such as Silva Bingaz, Banu Cennetoğlu, Çınar Eslek, Zeren Göktan, Zeynep Kayan, Melisa Önel.

The artists not only deal with the philosophical, socio-cultural, individual, and artistic aspects of uncanny encounters through their visual narratives, but they also explore the possibilities of photography today. The scope of this research will be extended by a series of conversations and meetings featuring the artists and experts.

“Uncanny” (Unheimlich) is a concept employed mainly in art and philosophy to describe the unsettling feeling evoked by something that is strange and foreign, yet astonishingly close and familiar at the same time. Uncanniness has ties to a peculiar sense of “déjà vu,” and implies the unpredictable, the unexpected, the unclear, the recalled, and the uncertain. The first encounter with a photograph generates an uncanny feeling. Certain photographs also present a subject, object, or form which can be uncanny, and the photographer’s own approach may render the visual outcome uncanny.

The exhibition will last until January 22.

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