October 26, 2011

Istanbul - An Enchanting Blend of Eastern and Western Culture

Istanbul is truly a world city, a city which everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. It is an enchanting blend of Eastern and Western culture, a vibrant, modern city, with a unique identity, its rich past coexisting alongside its youthful exuberance. Although no longer the capital of Turkey, Istanbul remains the country's cultural and business centre.

It is a city of contrasts, bustling with the cacophony of 21st century life, and yet achingly beautiful. It is set in a stunning location, surrounded by water - the narrow strait of the Bosphorus and the serene Sea of Marmara separating Europe from Asia. Istanbul has a foot in each, celebrating the best of both heritages. As Byzantium, Constantinople and finally, Istanbul, it has been the capital of three Empires, each leaving their mark in the form of stunning palaces, castles, mosques, churches and monuments. The legacy of its chequered past can be seen in every turn of the modern city.

There is so much to see in Istanbul that it is impossible to cover everything. Here are just a few of those sites you simply should not miss...


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