October 26, 2011

Aesthetic, Complex Works on Display at Rampa

Ergin Çavuşoğlu’s current “Alterity” exhibition of his sculptures and video works at Istanbul’s Rampa in the Besiktas neighborhood, once again consists of a number of disparate elements. Unveiling a number of new pieces alongside highlights from his repertoire of video works, Çavuşoğlu retraces recurring preoccupations in his practice and shows older work in a new light.

As an artist, Çavuşoğlu explores geographies and informal architecture and reflects them in his creations with aesthetic and complex language.

The centerpiece of the “Alterity” exhibition is a five-screen installation, Crystal & Flame, expanded from its first staging in London in 2010. This work takes its cue from a quote from “Six Memos for the Next Millennium” by writer Italo Calvino, who describes the transformative properties of fire and the phenomenon of crystallization as exemplars of natural forces that echo the competing energies at work in the contemporary city.

Within the weave of the piece itself, form emerges out of flux before becoming re-cast and re-forged. Embodying this process is the filmed rehearsal of a theater play, in which the director (as surrogate for the artist) endeavors to harness the parallel efforts and instincts of the actors, balancing the creative virtues of improvisation with the demands of the script.

A further layer of meaning is bestowed by the play itself, adapted from a short story by Chekhov. In its ambiguous stance on the merits and the limits of freedom, it contrasts a Utopian desire to both seize and change the moment with a somber apprehension of the role of fate.

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