September 07, 2011

These Desperate Housewives are from Istanbul

A local production of the iconic hit series “Desperate Housewives” is to bring a new take on the series’ darkly comedic view of suburbia to Turkish audiences. The series, to be known as “Umutsuz Ev Kadinlari”, will be co-produced by Medyapim and Disney, and is to air on free to air channel Kanal D later this month.

The series’ well-known Turkish cast includes Songül Öden (Gümüş) as Susan (to be called Suzan), Bennu Yildirimlar as Bree (called Berrin), Evrin Solmaz as Gabrielle (called Yildiz) and Ceyda Duvenci as Lynette (called Leyla). The series will be filmed on location in Istanbul, where a local Wisteria Lane has been found. Production will closely follow the format and story lines of the original U.S. version, with a uniquely Turkish flavor.

In the U.S., the show is headed into its eighth and final season. Since 2006, four different versions have been produced for Latin American audiences.


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