September 07, 2011

Istanbul's Historical Peninsula to Launch Smart Bike Project

Locals and tourists alike will soon be able to explore the area of İstanbul known as the historical peninsula with a new form of public transportation -- bicycle. 

With Fatih Municipality's Smart Bike Project cyclists will be able to safely pedal through the streets of Beyazıt, Çemberlitaş, Eminönü, Gülhane, Sirkeci and Sultanahmet. The public bike transportation system, which includes the establishment of a 10-bike terminal on the historical peninsula, will be implemented in three to four months, Fatih Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir told the Anatolia news agency. 

“At first there will be 111 bicycles. Of these, 45 will be hybrids and 10 will be specifically designed for the disabled. We got the hybrid bikes for downhill routes. We chose these as they are more comfortable and easier to use,” he said. 

The new public transportation system will enable members of the public to use a special card to check out a bicycle at one station and check it back in at any other station. Demir gave the example that sightseers will soon be able to simply swipe a credit card and rent a bike from Eminönü and then leave it at the Grand Bazaar to go shopping. 

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