September 23, 2011

Istanbul Modern Turns Spotlight on Dreams and Reality of Turkish Women in Art

As the sun set over the Bosporus and the crowds milling around the Antrepo 3 and 5 warehouses hosting the 12th İstanbul Biennial thinned, the somewhat better looking neighbor of the hulking converted warehouses, İstanbul Modern, was having a party of its own with the press conference of the contemporary art space’s latest exhibition, “Dream and Reality -- Modern and Contemporary Women Artists from Turkey.” 

A broad selection of works, the display, centered on the position of female artists in modern and contemporary arts, seeks to offer a new and alternative perspective on the socio-cultural history of Turkey. 

Speaking at the official press conference on Thursday evening, museum chairman and co-founder Oya Eczacıbaşı explained that the works exhibited in the display were chosen with a view to reflect the evolution of women’s perspectives toward art in Turkey and recognizing their contributions throughout history. “The contribution of women to contemporary art in Turkey is a considerable one and there can sometimes be a tendency to forget this. What this exhibition essentially aims to do is to paint a vibrant picture of Turkey’s pioneering female artists who have made headway in the development of contemporary art, exhibited works in important international collections and contributed to new innovations, and share this with the world,” she said.

Eczacıbaşı also explained that the exhibition, which will present the works of 74 artists spanning a wide spread of art forms, from paintings to video installations, examines the identity of women in Turkish modern art circles and how their unusual and rich works across a variety of disciplines have reflected societal and cultural changes, including issues such as patriarchy, violence and migration.

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