July 19, 2011

Mixed-Use Zorlu Center Raises Stakes in Istanbul

While Istanbul is often described as a city of contradictions — somehow growing both more Western and more Eastern, more open and more closed — only a few real estate projects have seized on these contrasts as the foundation of a development philosophy.

One that has is the Zorlu Center, a mixed-use extravaganza rising in Zincirlikuyu, on the city’s European shores. This four-tower, five-function and two-theater project aims to provide the city’s most luxurious apartments as well as entertainment for people without a lira to spend.

The Center, scheduled to open by the end of next year, also illustrates the continued dynamism of Istanbul’s high-end real estate market — and of Turkey’s robust economy, scarcely affected by the global downturn that has flattened its neighbor, Greece.

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