June 22, 2011

Walking Holidays in the Sun: Greece or Turkey

If you're planning walking holidays in the sunny climes, you'll certainly have plenty of gorgeous destinations to choose from. Offering sun, sea and historical attractions, Greece and Turkey are both perfectly suited to this kind of trip.

Of course, each destination has its own attractions and the types of things you're hoping to see and do will largely guide you on where you want to go. You can choose between independent walking trips - during which your tour operator will provide you with maps and routes, but you ultimately explore on your own - or guided tours, where an experienced guide will walk with you each day.

Visiting Istanbul - once dubbed 'New Rome' - you will be able to see amazing architectural feats such as the famous Blue Mosque, as well as immerse yourself in the local culture by exploring bustling markets and colourful, lively bazaars.

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