June 26, 2011

Travel: From Byzantium to Constantinople to Istanbul

Denny Stein - They don't make magic carpets anymore, and if they did you'd probably have to pay a fee for each suitcase and extra legroom. It's a long flight from San Francisco to Istanbul, but it worth every minute of stale air and leg cramps.

The Old Town section is called Sultanhamet. Its streets are cobblestoned and narrow, the stone or wood buildings lean in toward you, or rest comfortably against each other. Small cafes and bufes materialize when you are hungry, or a man with a cart full of warm sesame sprinkled simet approaches. For one Turkish Lira you get a crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside cross between a bagel and a soft pretzel, and a smile from the vendor. Every experience we had in Sultanhamet was enchanting, near magical. But then of course, we had on our "visitors' goggles."

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