June 18, 2011

International Students in Istanbul Learn via Internships

International students in Turkey have a new opportunity to gain valuable professional experience while attending classes at university. At Bahçeşehir University, the Cooperative Education Program, or CO-OP, allows Turkish and international students to work at potential jobs they are considering. CO-OP is a special educational model from Boston, developed for the first time in Turkey at Bahçeşehir University and allows students to interact with the business world.

Thousands of international students study abroad each year in Turkey. Each day they discover something new about the country and themselves. Adding an internship to that experience allows them to facilitate and expand their education and growth by applying their previous knowledge to assist their learning in the workforce.

“Being in Istanbul has been a journey, and the internship was of course a really interesting and important part of it,” Carla Lopez said - a student from Syracuse University in the U.S.

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