June 12, 2011

Hürriyet Train Brings Earthquake Simulation to Istanbul Children

The Hürriyet Train, which has traveled more than 8,000 kilometers all over Turkey, arrived at its last destination, Istanbul, on Friday. Children were brought into a room installed into one of the passenger-train cars, and were instructed how to behave while being shaken by a simulated earthquake of magnitude 7.4, the same strength as that of Kocaeli’s devastating 1999 earthquake.

“We do similar earthquake simulations all over Turkey, especially on the Northern and Western Anatolia Fault Line during the summer [when schoolchildren are on holidays],” Rüya Seyhan, an instructor at the Unit of Education on Natural Disaster Preparations at the Istanbul-based Kandilli Observatory, told the Hürriyet Daily News in an interview Friday.

She said earthquake simulations other than those on the Hürriyet Train were performed with the same equipment that was carried by a cargo truck. Seyhan was one of the team members who traveled with the Natural Disasters Insurance Institution, or DASK, wagon, one of the most popular wagons of the Hürriyet Train.

“We simulate how the Kocaeli earthquake of magnitude of 7.4 [in which nearly 17,000 people lost their lives] was felt on the first floor in Sakarya district,” Seyhan said, adding that their target audience was children.


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